Human rights and civil society organizations hold the head of the executive authority and the government national and legal responsibility for violations of rights and freedoms and the weakening of official institutions


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Position Paper 25 August 2021 Human Rights and Civil Society Organizations Hold Head of the Executive Authority and Government Responsible for Rights and Freedoms’ Violations and the Collapse of Official Institutions The serious deterioration of rights and freedoms, and the weakness of the main official institutions have contributed to weakening the internal Palestinian situation, and undermined the Palestinian political system’s capacity to challenge external challenges that face our national cause, namely the Israeli occupation violations and its po...


MUSAWA demands that the Ministry of Health harmonize the pandemic control standards and procedures for people with disabilities

H.E. Dr. May Al-Kaila, The Honorable Minister of Health, Topic: Excluding PWDs from programs to combat the Corona pandemic, deepening discrimination and a threat to public health. It is about time to empower PWDs to access their right to life and hold accountable those responsible for depriving them of prevention and treatment MUSAWA - The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession greets you, indicating that the center organized...



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