MUSAWA's Position Paper on the Daunting Increases in Court Fees Which Undermine the Basic Law and the International Obligations of Palestine. MUSAWA Calls for a Widespread Lobbying Campaign to Force the Government to Cancel It.


West bank

West Bank / position paper

There is no legitimacy and no room for silence or acquiescence Looking at the numbers, the amendment to the court fees contains daunting increases that violate the provisions of Article (30) of the Basic Law, which clearly states that “Litigation is a protected and guaranteed right for all people. Each Palestinian shall have the right to seek redress in the judicial system, etc....” In addition to encroaching on the principle of free litigation or for a nominal fee, as it is protected by the international covenants and agreements of which Palestine is bound by. This...


The Social Committee to End the Division: We Request that all the Signatory Parties and Factions of the Algeria Declaration Immediately Fulfill the Following Requirements to Ensure the Actual and Efficient Implementation as Contained in the Declaration


ًWest Bank and Gaza

West Bank / Gaza

The social committee to end the division issued a statement requesting that all the signatory parties and factions of the Algeria declaration immediately fulfill the following requirements to ensure the actual and efficient implementation as contained in the declaration. The social committee to end the division formed by an initiative from MUSAWA was very interested in the Algeria declaration. Accordingly, it worked on reading and discussing it thoroughly and responsibly based on its conviction that ending the division and the realization of national unity are the cornerstones to a...


MUSAWA’s Statement: The Presidential Decree to Establish a Supreme Council for Judicial Bodies Paves the Way for a Totalitarian Regime and Represents a Reality that Undermines the Basic Law.


ًWest Bank

West Bank

This decree paves the way for a totalitarian regime and represents a reality that undermines The Basic Law, and it started to manifest with the issuance of the decree-law no. 5 of the year 2020 regarding the presidential office, which we warned against its implications, results, and risks on both the political and legal system that is adopted by The Declaration of Independence and regulated by The Basic Law. However, it was passed and implemented in silence in a subservient-like manner. We are now faced with a system that accumulates all the powers in the hands of the presidential office, by perpetu...



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