Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals
  • Vision

A State of Justice and Rule of Law in Palestine.


  • Mission

An independent and specialized Palestinian monitoring body, working in strategic partnership with others, contributing to the establishment of a modern legal and judicial system built on correct legal foundations, and monitoring the performance of justice pillars with the utmost courage, transparency and professionalism based on a set of values and principles of good governance.


  • Strategic Goals

In alignment with its vision, mission, core values, MUSAWA’s targeted impact is to guarantee the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession. Based on its emerging Theory of Change, and its extensive experience in the field, and achievements realized during the previous planning period، MUSAWA has decided to pursue the following Strategic and Operational Goals, for each of the goals, specific outcomes which MUSAWA will deliver during the strategic plan period have been identified as follows:


  1. Strategic Goal 1: Contribute to the upholding of the rule of law in the State of Palestine
  2. Strategic Goal 2: Contribute to the reinforcement of the culture of rule of law
  3. Operational Goal 1: Becoming the main watchdog for CSOs, justice institutions, donors and the public in upholding the rule of law in Palestine.
MUSAWA's Strategic Plan 2016–2019


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