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Eye on Justice

Eye on Justice

Eye on Justice is a magazine published 2-3 times a year with the purpose of working towards greater transparency in the justice system by monitoring the day-to-day work of justice sector workers. Through close cooperation with lawyers, judges and other members of the justice sector, MUSAWA receives information about breaches of laws and international standards within the justice sector itself and publishes them so as to highlight wrongdoings so that they will not be repeated and appropriate steps can be taken to undo them where possible. The reliance on an extensive network as well as trust in justice sector workers is vital for the accuracy of this publication and took years to establish.


Through Eye on Justice, MUSAWA fulfills part of its role as a watchdog by increasing transparency in the justice system and holding actors accountable. MUSAWA is the only Civil Society Organization focusing on transparency in the justice system in this way.


Publications available in Arabic:

Eye on Justice 06Eye on Justice 07Eye on Justice 08Eye on Justice 10Eye on Justice 11Eye on Justice 12Eye on Justice 13Eye on Justice 14Eye on Justice 15; Eye on Justice 16; Eye on Justice 17; Eye on Justice 18; Eye on Justice 19Eye on Justice 20Eye on Justice 21Eye on Justice 22Eye on Justice 23; Eye on Justice 24; Eye On Justice 25; Eye on Justice 26Eye on Justice 27; Eye on Justice 28; Eye on Justice 29; Eye on Justice 30; Eye on Justice 31; Eye on Justice 32


Publications available in English:

Eye on Justice 12Eye on Justice 13Eye on Justice 14Eye on Justice 15; Eye on Justice 19 (brief)

Justice and Law

Justice and Law

Justice and Law is one of MUSAWA's regular publications with a dual purpose. On the one hand, regional experts comment on judgments pronounced by Palestinian courts, which opens up dialogue in the law community and offers different views and interpretations of these decision which enriches the knowledge of law professionals in Palestine and increases transparency and accountability. On the other hand, the published articles discuss topics of international standards and best practice, which again enriches the debate on and knowledge of the law and justice community in Palestine.


Due to the very specific nature of the publication, it is only available in Arabic.


Justice and Law 04Justice and Law 05; Justice and Law 06Justice and Law 07; Justice and Law 08; Justice and Law 09Justice and Law 10; Justice and Law 12Justice and Law 13Justice and Law 14Justice and Law  15Justice and Law 16Justice and Law 17; Justice and Law 18Justice and Law 19Justice and Law 20Justice and Law 21; Justice and Law 22; Justice and Law 23; Justice and Law 24; Justice and Law 25;        Justice and Law 26;         Justice and Law 27;         Justice and Law 28;   Justice and Law 29;        Justice and Law 30 (special issue);         Justice and Law 31Justice and Law 32; Justice and Law 33; Justice and Law 34; Justice and Law 35    ; Justice and Law 36; Justice and Law 37; Justice and Law 38; Justice and Law 39Justice and Law 40; Justice and Law 41  , Justice and Law 42 , Justice and Law 43   , Justice and Law 44 (special issue)    ; Law and Justice 45

The Legal Monitor

The Legal Monitor

The Legal Monitor is MUSAWA's tool to record attitudes within and towards the justice system as well as track changes over the years. Furthermore, it is a tool to ensure transparency and civil oversight of the justice sector in Palestine over almost a decade now. In 2006, MUSAWA prepared and published the first Monitoring Report which is used as a baseline survey which all following reports have used as a base, and results are compared and contrasted between years. To ensure a valuable result, the report is published every two years and publicized to Palestinian decision-makers, legislative council, the civil society and the donor community and will be available in Arabic. A brief summary will be available in both languages. International good practice on designing and implementing justice sector assessments are always taken into consideration and updated when necessary.


The Legal Monitor 2The Legal Monitor 3 (Executive Summary)The Legal Monitor 4 (Executive Summary)The Legal Monitor 5  (Executive Summary); The Legal Monitor 6  (Executive Summary); The Legal Monitor 6 (arabic)

Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Each month, MUSAWA issues a newsletter that includes a summary of the most important activities MUSAWA carried-out throughout the month, in addition to its internal affairs and other external activities. You can find our newsletters both in Arabic and English on our website, or you can receive a monthly copy via email by subscribing at the bottom.

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​January & February;  March;  April;  May;  June;  July;  August;  September;  October;  November;  December.

  • 2017:

January;  February;  March;  April;  May;  June;  July;  August;  September;  October;  November;  December.

  • 2018:

January;  February;  March;  April;  May;  June;  July;  August; September; October; November; December 

  • 2019:

January; February; March; AprilMay; June; July; August; September; October; November

  • 2023:

January - March; April - June




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