MUSAWA's executive staff consists of employees, both in the West Bank and Gaza Strip:




Ahlam Tarayra

Executive Director

Marina Qaqish

Finance Manager

Adv. Shurooq Abu-Qare'

Legal Awareness & Training Officer

Rasha Khdour

Admin and HR Assistant

Adv. Rula Mousa

Legal Monitoring Officer / Gaza

Zainab Murtaja

Receptionist/ Administrative & Financial Assistant  / Gaza





Policy and General Advisor: Adv. Ibrahim Barghouthi


MUSAWA's Board of Directors (BoD) and General Assembly (GA) members:



Dr. Taleb Awad

BOD Chairperson/ GA member

Mr. Samir Barghouthi

BOD Vice Chairperson/ GA member

Adv. Fayzeh Al-Shawish

BOD Secretary/ GA member

Adv. Youssef Bakhatan

BOD Treasurer/ GA member

Adv. Ghassan Massad

BOD & GA member

Adv. Rana Wassef

BOD & GA member

Adv. Sharhabeel Al-Zaeem

BOD & GA member

Adv. Faisal Jasser

BOD & GA member

Adv. Shireen Sharawi

BOD & GA member

Ms. Lubna Abdulhadi

GA member



Ms. Lina Abdul-Hadi

GA member

Mr. Abdul-Kareem Barghouthi

GA member

Adv. Yasser Jabr

GA member

Adv. Mohammad Khader

GA member

Dr. Saeed Abu-Fara

GA member

Adv. Islah Hassania

GA member

Ms. Mais Qandeel

GA member

Adv. Areej Sarandah

GA member

Adv. Khalil Ghazawneh

GA member

Adv. Fadi Jaber

GA member

Adv. Ashjan Dauod

GA member

Adv. Fahd Shweiki

GA member

Adv. Nidal Abu-Farha

GA member

Ms. Zainab Al-Ghonaimy

GA member

Ms. Amaal Syam

GA member

Adviser and Former Judge Suleiman Al-Dahdouh

GA member

Dr. Mohammad Abu-Saada

GA member


Women BoD members: (2)

BoD members in the Gaza Strip: (2)


Women GA members in the West Bank: (8)

Women GA members in the Gaza Strip: (2)

Men GA members in the West Bank: (14)

Men GA members in the Gaza Strip: (3)



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