The Community Committee to End the Division: No Alternative to the Algeria Dialogue to Reach Common Ground as a Basis to Achieve Reconciliation



West Bank / Gaza / Core Program / position paper

The community committee to end the division, formed by an initiative of MUSAWA – The Palestinian center for the independence of the legal profession and the judiciary, expresses its gratitude to all the factions, political parties, and independent figures for responding to its invitation to participate in the dialogue session held at MUSAWA’s office in Gaza on Saturday 01/10/2022. This session is about discussing the way to ensure the success of the reconciliation endeavors in the national dialogue. It is held in Algeria, based on the initiative and invitation from our sister country Algeria that is widely known to fight for ...


MUSAWA Demands That the Government Stops Issuing Bylaws Behind Closed Doors, Abolish Court Fees and Non-profit Companies’ Bylaws Immediately.


ًWest Bank

West Bank / position paper

The government appears to imitate the presidential office or those in charge of making the decree-laws, by issuing and passing bylaws behind closed doors without any form of discussion, not even with the representatives of the groups targeted and referred to in its provisions. The most notable examples are the court fees and the Non-Profit Companies’ bylaws that represent an important part of the civil society organizations. The bylaw of non-profit companies is a way to assert complete control over it, violating its independency, professionalism and its societal mission, all under the pretense of fighting terrorism.



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