Success Story: MUSAWA Succeeds in Urging the Land and Water Settlement Commission to find another building for settlement court in Birzeit


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Litigation is a guaranteed and protected right for all people, and every Palestinian has the right to seek redress in the judicial system. Laws may not contain any provisions that provide immunity to any administrative decision or action or against judicial review and judicial error shall result in a remedy by the National Authority. The public perception of the justice system is an integral part that provides the litigants with confidence and ease in achieving justice, and any infringement on this part causes them to lose faith in the justice system and adversely affects their hope of reaching justice and protecting their rights. The main requirements that shape th...


Memo to the Public Prosecution Regarding the Refusal to Implement a Judicial Ruling

Honorable Attorney General Akram Al-Khateeb, Your Excellency the Head of the Human Rights Unit in the Public Prosecution, Mr. Jamil Sajdiya, First of all, MUSAWA - The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Legal Profession and the Judiciary, thanks you for the invitation to attend and participate in the meeting that was organized by you on Monday 12/9/2022 at the Public Prosecution headquarters in Ramallah. Enabling the citizen to enjoy and defend their rights. Even though the Center looks forward to persevering in the collective effort for the purpose of achieving the meetin...


The President Has No Power to Tax, and Decree-Laws Are Not the Legislative Tool for Taxation

The Draft Decree-Law on VAT Violates both the Human Rights and the Principles of the Rule of Law. MUSAWA closely examined The VAT draft Decree-Law, without a number, for the year 2022, and reaffirmed its refusal and objection of the issuance of decree-laws, due to its direct conflict with The Basic Law for what it represents as a usurpation of the legislative authority’s jurisdiction, and its aim to tamper with the components of the legal system, by perpetuating the absence of the legislative authority, in addition to changing the structure of the legal system in a way that a...



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