MUSAWA Renews its Support for the Demands of the Palestinian Teachers and Rejects Security Solutions and any Attempts to Circumvent


ًWest Bank

West Bank / Announcement

MUSAWA monitored all the news circulating on social media regarding the teachers’ adherence to their educational mission and upholding the schools and educational institutions in which they work and belong to on an intellectual and emotional level. It also displayed their insistence to carry out their plans to protest against the confiscation of their human, livelihood, and union rights, without prejudice to their workplace, considering them a beacon of knowledge and one of the essentials of life, in addition to their refusal to close the schools. We view this as a display of their maturity and awareness of the sanctity of preserving and developing the educational institutions, and the risks of closing or tampering with them, making sure that it does not go against their constitutional right in protecting their livelihood and union rights.

This responsible and mature position of the teachers to uphold their demands for an independent teachers’ syndicate that looks after their rights, enhances their performance and ensures the government’s fulfillment of all its previous promises and pledges. This has given credibility to the teachers’ demands and earned them the understanding and support of the public, as it showed the legitimacy and fairness of their demands that deserve its long overdue approval.

We at MUSAWA-The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession, reaffirm the legitimacy of the teachers’ demands, and the need for an official and legal acknowledgment of their financial rights by adding them in writing on the Salary slip, in addition to accepting their right to form an independent teacher’s syndicate concerned with their rights and aids in achieving their mission. MUSAWA also stresses on the futility of resorting to the security solution or circumventing the teachers’ needs as this tampering can destroy the future of generations and demolish the present and future of our people.




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