Electing a Female Coordinator for the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network


Gaza and North Gaza

Human Rights Defenders / Gaza

In a first-of-its-kind initiative by Civil Society Organizations and civil institutions in Palestine, elections were held in Gaza and North Gaza to elect a female coordinator to lead the activities of the PHRDs Network in the Gaza Strip. The elections came as part of the general meeting held by MUSAWA for the PHRDs Network in its Gaza Office with the participation of the Network’s members (33 participants, 10 of which are female). The meeting was initiated with an opening speech by lawyer Islah Hussnieh, a General Assembly member in Gaza, expressing the great attention MUSAWA pays to women, enabling them of active participation in ...


First Central Meeting for Elected Coordinators of the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network


West Bank and Gaza

Human Rights Defenders / West Bank / Gaza

Aiming at unifying the efforts of the unsuccessful candidates and the elected coordinators, enhancing participation and democracy in the work to activate the role of the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders (hereinafter PHRDs) Network and contribute to its goals, and agreeing on a mechanism for the Network’s members to carry-out activities in the upcoming period, the first central meeting for the PHRDs Network’s coordinators was held by MUSAWA in cooperation with the Network and with the attendance of all candidates who were unsuccessful in the general elections held at the end of May 2016 as well as those who won the elections...


Death Sentences in Gaza




MUSAWA sent a written memo to Public Prosecutor/ Ismail Jabr, Acting Head of Gaza’s Legislative Council/ Dr.Ahmad Bahar, Former Prime Minister/ Dr. Ismail Haniyeh, and Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council/ Counsellor and Judge Abdul-Raouf Halabi, demanding that they stop the implementation of death sentences against a number of defendants, each in accordance with the powers granted to him. This procedure entails grave violations of existing laws and forms a prejudice to the Palestinian reputation, which in turn negatively affects international solidarity with the Palestinian people especially when it comes to the need to lift t...



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