Completion of Internal Training in Results-Based Management and Human Rights Based Approach



West Bank / Gaza

Following the training MUSAWA received last April, the consultant returned to guide MUSAWA through a four-day workshop, from July 17th until July 20th. After a short repetition of the most vital things that were discussed in the last training, MUSAWA’s staff was assisted to think of its result chain and to develop a monitoring and evaluation framework to measure the progress of MUSAWA’s interventions for its Core Program. This allowed MUSAWA to rethink about its core activities, and re-strategize its intervention logic.


Two of MUSAWA’s employees from the Gaza office attended the workshop in person, and shared the findings with the team member who stayed in Gaza and attended the training via video conference because he couldn’t arrive to Ramallah.


MUSAWA will continue to work closely together with the consultant from a distance as it is currently in the final phase of completing its strategy for 2017-2021, which will be more result-based oriented and in which the human rights based approach will be incorporated at all levels inside as well as outside MUSAWA.


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