Completion of Internal Training in Results-Based Management and Human Rights Based Approach



West Bank / Gaza

Following the training MUSAWA received last April, the consultant returned to guide MUSAWA through a four-day workshop, from July 17th until July 20th. After a short repetition of the most vital things that were discussed in the last training, MUSAWA’s staff was assisted to think of its result chain and to develop a monitoring and evaluation framework to measure the progress of MUSAWA’s interventions for its Core Program. This allowed MUSAWA to rethink about its core activities, and re-strategize its intervention logic.   Two of MUSAW...


In Response to Complaint on Obstructing Court Decision



West Bank

As an organization with an oversight role on the justice system, MUSAWA sent a legal memo on 11/07/2016 to the esteemed Chairman and members of the High Judicial Council in response to a complaint submitted by lawyer Ahmad Yaseen regarding obstructing the implementation of a court decision. Following is the legal memo:   Esteemed members and Chairman of the High Judicial Council, Subject: 1-    Obstructing the implementation of a court decisi...


MUSAWA Conducts 5 Meetings for Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network


West Bank Governorates

Human Rights Defenders / West Bank

Five meetings in five different areas (Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Jericho; Salfeet and Nablus; Tulqarm and Qalqilya; Jenin and Tubas; Bethlehem and Hebron) were carried-out by MUSAWA in cooperation with the PHRDs Network for the Network’s members. The meetings were held during June 2016, targeting 45 male and female members, in order to reach an agreement in terms of the mechanism by which members will do the Network’s activities in the upcoming period, to forge its internal system, and to contribute to the expansion of the Coalition for Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Declaration.



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