Second Central Meeting for Coordinators of Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network


Ramallah & Gaza

Human Rights Defenders / West Bank / Gaza / Announcement

The second central meeting for the Palestinian Human Right Defenders (PHRDs) Network’s coordinators in the West Bank and Gaza was held by MUSAWA, in cooperation with the Network, for the purpose of reviewing its rules of procedure, enhancing participation and democracy in the work in order to activate the role of the PHRDs Network and contribute to its goals, and agreeing on a mechanism for the Network’s members to carry-out activities in the upcoming period. The meeting was held at MUSAWA’s Ramallah Office (Gaza’s office was present through video conference), and was attended by 14 members, 8 of whom were females.

The meeting addressed many topics, including evaluating the previous meeting in terms of the timetable and outputs, drafting the final membership manual based on combined suggestions by MUSAWA and the Network, discussing the Coalition for the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Declaration (PHRDD) and the pressure that should be put on decision-makers to approve, issue and enforce the PHRDD, and the mechanisms for joint cooperation among the members.

This meeting comes as a part of a project to empower human rights defenders, carried-out by MUSAWA in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with the support of the European Union.



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