Dissolving the Security Committee; an Urgent Need that Bears no Delay

Dissolving the joint security committee, repealing its powers, and closing its detention centers are urgent requirements for promoting the rule of law and preserving the human dignity of the Palestinian people The incident of Nablus court as per the statement issued by the Bar Association, and according to what has been published on the website of the High Judicial Council is a serious attack against the rule of law and the judiciary, and a blatant violation of the Basic Law. The international treaties have been disregarded, and human rights have been seriously prejudiced. Th...


Destroying the cultural heritage: the perpetrators shall be held accountable



Gaza / position paper

Position Paper: Destroying Cultural Heritage is an Imprescriptible Crime whose Perpetrators shall be Held Accountable The Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) signed below deplore the continued destruction and looting of the archaeological area known as Tal al-Sakan, located in the north of Al-Zahra city in the center of the Gaza Strip, which roots back to the Canaanite civilization of the early Bronze Age, with an estimated area of (85) dunums. This destruction comes despite of the fact that the Ministry of Tourism issued a decision to stop the land-clearings immediatel...


Position Paper: Saying NO to Sex-Based Discrimination in Senior Positions in the Judiciary



Gaza / position paper

Saying NO to sex-based discrimination in senior positions in the judiciary: Women have the right to hold public office and senior positions of all levels MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession, along with the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) signed below, express their deep discontent at excluding a woman from serving as a magistrate judge merely because she is a woman; an unjust decision that has no legitimate justification, and blatantly deviates from the provisions of the Basic Law, in particula...



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