MUSAWA’s Initiative for the Unification, Reform, and Improvement of the Justice System


West Bank and Gaza Strip

West Bank / Gaza / position paper

MUSAWA’s Initiative for the Unification, Rebuilding, and Improvement of the Justice System The announcement of the national reconciliation agreement is a historic opportunity to unify and rebuild the official justice system (the Supreme Constitutional Court, the formal judicial system, the Sharia judiciary, and the Public Prosecution), particularly that the agreement won national, political and social support, and it aims at ending the dreadful division as well as embodying the unity of the land, the people, the institutions, and the authorities, manifested in h...


CSOs Demand Abolition of Decree-Law on High Criminal Court


West Bank

West Bank / position paper

Representatives of over 200 Civil Society Organizations (hereinafter CSOs) – the Civic Coalition for Monitoring Legislation, the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council, the Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO), and the Coalition for Economic and Social Rights– called a meeting at Al-Haq organization to discuss the Decree-Law on the High Criminal Court, which was ratified by Mr. President on 30/12/2017, and was published in the Palestinian official Gazette on 08/01/2018 in complete secrecy and without community consultation. Issuing legislation which violate the rights and freedoms of the people has been the adopted approac...


Position Paper: Calling for High Judicial Council to Drop Case Against Judges



West Bank / position paper

Calling on the High Judicial Council to Drop their Case against Judges MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession was informed that the High Judicial Council, represented by Judge Imad Saleem, requested the High Court of Justice to suspend the strike which was announced by the Palestinian Judges Association, and they established a judicial committee, headed by Judge Rafiq Zuhod, to look into the said case. MUSAWA also learned that the Judges Association contacted the Bar Association for selecting members of the Bar&rs...



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