MUSAWA’s Statement Regarding a Child’s Tragic Death at the Khan Yunis Zoo



Gaza / Core Program / position paper

The tragedy that took the life of a 6-year-old child at a zoo in Khan Yunis yesterday, Monday, May 1st, when he was bitten by a lion. This is a case of poor management, and those responsible must be held accountable. The "Asdaa" zoo's board of directors, who are responsible for the zoo's management and oversight, have completely disregarded the requirements for visitor safety and security, especially with regards to the infrastructure and location of animal cages (particularly the predators), and other engineering and construction requirements, which are intended to ensure the high...


Palestinian Civil Society denounce EU Commission statement


ًWest Bank and Gaza

West Bank / Gaza / position paper

MUSAWA joins the Civil Society Organizations letter denouncing the EU Comission statement  An Open letter to The EU ُThe undersigned Palestinian civil society organizations vehemently denounce and reject the shameful statement made by the EU Commission President, in which she celebrated Israel’s “Independence” day by using racist anti-Palestinian tropes and denying Palestinian history and the atrocities of the Nakba. These remarks depart from basic political and diplomatic principles and shamelessly favor the occupying power, which engages in persecution, aggression, and state terrorism against the Palestinian peo...


MUSAWA's Statement on the Measures Taken Regarding the Sexual Harassment Incident in a Hospital in Bethlehem


West Bank

West Bank / Core Program / position paper

MUSAWA carefully examined the complaint of the citizen, Mervat Al-Azzeh, about suffering sexual harassment by an X-Ray technician at one of Bethlehem's private hospitals. MUSAWA also followed up on the position of the Ministry of Health and the Public Prosecution, as well as the various measures announced in response, the most recent of which was a decision, attributed to the public prosecution, to refer the complainant to a psychiatrist, and another decision published on the Ministry of Health's official Facebook page calling for the formation of an impartial investigation committee on this matter.



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