MUSAWA demands an investigation into the killing of a young man in Tulkarm camp during confrontations with security personnel

MUSAWA, the Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession, expresses shock, denunciation, and condemnation over the killing of Abdul Qader Zaqdah today in Tulkarm camp. This occurrred during clashes between security personnel and citizens protesting the removal of barricades put up by the citizens to prevent Israeli occupation forces from storming the camp. MUSAWA emphasizes that the use of force has had and continues to have devastating repercussions, claiming citizens' lives and hastening the descent into an abyss of chaos that undermines individual and group security while also threatening ...


A Joint Statement by CSOs, Including MUSAWA, Regarding Draft Decree-Law No. () of 2023 Regulating Publication, Press, and Media


ًWest Bank and Gaza

West Bank / Gaza / position paper

The undersigned CSOs examined the draft of decree-law No. (….) of the year 2023 regulating publication, press, and media, that is being secretly in prepared. It's ironic that the government and the Ministry of Information are attempting to pass legislation regulating copyrights, media, and the press, and yet they're doing so behind closed doors, without any public input or consultation with the media, despite being those most affected by its provisions. The undersigned parties have noted that this proposed legislation contains provisions that constitute clear violations of the interna...


MUSAWA's Position Paper on the Expansion of the Membership of the Supreme Coordination Council for the Justice Sector and Strengthening its Dependency on the President


West bank

West Bank / position paper

MUSAWA obtained a copy (attached above) of a presidential decree issued on August 16, 2019, amending the formation of the High Coordinating Council of the Justice Sector, which was formed pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 7 of 2019 issued on July 31, 2019. This new amended decree added the following members to the Council: Chief justice of "Sharia Judiciary", president of the Supreme Administrative Court "Administrative Judiciary", and chief of the Security Forces Judiciary “Military Justice”. This new decree came shortly after the issuance of presidential decree No...



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