The Government and the Chief Justice's Act of Pressuring the Bar Association Violates the Basic Law and the Constitutional Human Rights


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West Bank / Announcement / position paper

MUSAWA learned from well-informed and trusted sources that the government and the chief justice continue to pressure the Bar association to accept the implementation of the Decree-laws amending the Penal code, the law of the civil procedures, and the law of execution that were all annulled, in addition to the law of court fees. In return, they will implement the pre-amendment regulation regarding notarized documents in hopes of ending the lawyers' strike and subjugating them to their will.

This is in spite of the government and the chief justice’s awareness that this acceptance and acquiescence is not of the Bar Council’s jurisdiction, and that by doing so the Bar would be an accomplice to the crime of violating the Basic law, the constitutional human rights, and the international covenants that Palestine is bound by. In addition, it makes the Bar an accomplice in passing legislations that disregard the citizens’ right in access to justice, a fair trial and the protection of rights and freedoms, which all make up the essence of the Bar’s mission. This compromise and acquiescence endangers the Bar’s role in protecting the rights of its members and turns it into a tool for the government to suppress the people and take hold of their livelihood and dignity.

MUSAWA warns against being dragged into this situation that goes against the Bar’s role and all the constitutional texts, principles, and values that it stands for.



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