MUSAWA’s Memo for the Human Rights Unit in the Public Prosecution: Abolish the Governor-Ordered Detentions and Release the Detainees


ًWest Bank

Human Rights Defenders / West Bank

Your Excellency, Attorney General Mr. Akram Al- khateeb Your Excellency Mr. Jamil Sajidya, Head of the Human Rights Unit in the Public Prosecution, MUSAWA – The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Legal Profession and the Judiciary extends its greetings and expresses that it received a complaint from lawyer Mr. Mohammad Hussein from Nablus, in his capacity as representative of Na’el Qasem Shtayyeh who was detained 8 days ago by order of the governor of Nablus. It states that the governor instructed t...


The Security Committee’s Decision Is a Violation of the International Bill of Rights and the Protocols Issued by It Which Was Signed by Palestine and Is Therefore Bound by Its Provisions as This Will Tarnish the Reputation of Palestine and Subject It to Legal Liability


ًWest Bank

Human Rights Defenders / West Bank

Honorable Attorney General Akram Al-Khateeb, Your Excellency the Head of the Human Rights Unit in the Public Prosecution, Mr. Jamil Sajdiya, MUSAWA - The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Legal Profession and the Judiciary, extends its greetings and reminds you of its memo addressed to you on 19/09/2022 under number (7653) regarding the refusal of police chief, and refraining from carrying a release order issued by decision of the public prosecution in the investigative file number (2022/4118), which constitutes a ...


On the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture... Let Us Continue Working for a Torture-Free Palestine



Human Rights Defenders / Core Program

One cannot cover the sun with a sieve, and the denial of human rights violations, including direct harm to physical safety and human dignity, restriction of freedom, and torture, does not contribute at all to the performance review. It also hinders any step of institutional reform and leads to a lack of accountability and failure to protect the victims’ rights and compensate them. Denial is a title for a speech that contributes to the impunity of human rights violators, covers up and promotes the practice of the security approach in dealing with citizens, and provides protection for the violators, as it is like a broken record that...



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