MUSAWA Organizes Training Workshops on the Judicial Procedures Before the Sharia Courts


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MUSAWA Organizes Training Workshops on the Judicial Procedures before the Sharia Courts

Within its role to build the lawyers legal capacities in order to promote the right to fair trial guarantees, the Palestinian Center for the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession- MUSAWA- organized a training workshop on the judicial procedures before the Sharia Courts in cases such as alimony, separation, conflict, discord, repudiation, custody of children, sharia transaction; like disassociation, commandment, interdiction, and rectifying the heirs’ plea.


The workshop took place at MUSAWA’s office in Ramallah, and 43 lawyers, 23 of which are women, participated in it. The workshop lasted for 4 consecutive days, and for three hours per day, during August. The training material was lectured by the lawyer, Adv. Ahmad Rayyan.


At the end of the training workshop, the participants recommended to conduct a moot court on the Sharia Courts proceedings and to cover cases that are more practical.


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