MUSAWA Conducts 5 Meetings for Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network
  • MUSAWA Conducts 5 Meetings for Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network
  • MUSAWA Conducts 5 Meetings for Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network

Date 2016-06-25

LOCATION West Bank Governorates

Category Human Rights Defenders / West Bank

Five meetings in five different areas (Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Jericho; Salfeet and Nablus; Tulqarm and Qalqilya; Jenin and Tubas; Bethlehem and Hebron) were carried-out by MUSAWA in cooperation with the PHRDs Network for the Network’s members. The meetings were held during June 2016, targeting 45 male and female members, in order to reach an agreement in terms of the mechanism by which members will do the Network’s activities in the upcoming period, to forge its internal system, and to contribute to the expansion of the Coalition for Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Declaration.

The meetings addressed several issues, including the activation and leadership of the societal coalition to push forward the adoption of the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Declaration; reviewing MUSAWA’s proposals for the legal clinic and monitoring group; and define working mechanisms for both groups during the meeting and nominating members to work within the groups.

At the end of the mentioned meetings, participants recommended to expand the Network by inviting new organizations, unions, young activists, and Legislative Council members to join in; to expand the aforementioned Coalition by adding new lobbyists; and to forge two systems for the legal clinic and monitoring group to clarify their working mechanism within the Network. 

These meetings come as part of the Empowering Palestinian Human Rights Defenders project, implemented by MUSAWA in the West Bank and Gaza, and supported by the European Union.


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