MUSAWA Conducts 8 Meetings for Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network


West Bank & Gaza

Human Rights Defenders / West Bank / Gaza / Announcement

Throughout July 2016, eight meetings in eight different areas (Ramallah, Jerusalem and Jericho; Salfeet and Nablus; Tulqarm and Qalqilya; Jenin and Tubas; Bethlehem and Hebron; Gaza and North Gaza; Gaza’s Middle Governorate; Khan Yunis and Rafah) were carried-out by MUSAWA in cooperation with the Palestinian Human Right Defenders Network. The meetings were attended by 114 male and female members (59 females and 55 males), who aimed at reaching an agreement on the mechanism by which members will implement the Network’s activities in the upcoming period, forging its internal regulations, contributing to the expansion of the Coa...


MUSAWA Holds Meeting for Lawyer for the Rule of Law Groups in Gaza



Gaza / Announcement

ِAiming at identifying mechanisms for activating and enhancing the performance of members in the Lawyers for the Rule of Law Groups (friends of MUSAWA), a consultative meeting was held in MUSAWA's Gaza office on 25/07/2016. All of the members in Gaza, which count up to 25 members (5 of whom are females), attended the meeting along with MUSAWA's Technical and Legal Adviser, Financial Manager, and Monitoring Officer.


Launch of MUSAWA's new website



West Bank / Gaza / Announcement

MUSAWA is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. After the updated logo, the website is another physical change contributing to MUSAWA’s efforts to position itself in becoming the main watchdog specialized in monitoring the performance of the justice system, and a credible body to which Civil Society Organizations, community actors, official justice institutions, donors and the public refer in upholding the rule of law in Palestine.   As of now, anybody with access to internet can submit complaints through our detailed violation form, con...



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