MUSAWA's Memo on the Transfer of a Detainee to the Hospital Shackled



Human Rights Defenders / Gaza

Esteemed Attorney General Dr. Mohammed Al-Nahhal / Gaza,

Subject: The Transfer of a Detainee to the Hospital Shackled

MUSAWA-The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession, extends its best greetings, and expresses that it received a complaint from Nawal A-Qabbani, a resident of Al-Bureij, regarding her son, the engineer Ali Al-Qabbani who is detained in the ......... prison.  He suffered a health relapse, and the police chief ordered to put him in solitary confinement instead of transferring him to the hospital. This forced him to go on a hunger strike, which caused his health condition to deteriorate even further, leading to his transfer to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital and Al-Shifa’ Hospital. However, he was transferred to the hospital in shackles, according to the complaint.

We at MUSAWA, in our capacity as an independent civil monitoring body, deem the transfer of the detainee to the hospital in shackles as a dangerous infringement on his constitutional rights, which are protected by The Basic Law and the internal covenants and conventions, and a complete disregard of the needs to preserve the detainees’ human dignity. We Stress on the fact that preserving the detainees’ lives is a legitimate right, and endangering them is a crime that requires accountability.

Therefore, we request that you conduct an immediate investigation into the details of this complaint, take the necessary measures, and duly hold the perpetrators administratively and penally accountable.



Attachments: A copy of the complaint



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