MUSAWA Organizes Training Workshops on the Monitoring and Documentation of Violations for Students at Gaza University



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MUSAWA Organizes Training Workshops on the Monitoring and Documentation of Violations for Students at Gaza University


Proceeding from its endeavors to build strategic partnerships with partner institutions to promote the rule of the law principle through monitoring and documenting the violations of a fair trial, the Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession –MUSAWA- organized a training workshop in Gaza strip universities, which MUSAWA has signed memorandums of understanding with, aiming to build the capacities of media and law students. The first training workshop was held at Gaza University on the 13th and the 14th of August 2018 and was lectured by Adv. Rula Musa who covered the mechanisms of monitoring and documenting of violations. The workshop targeted 31 students, 16 among them were women, and it lasted for two days, for four consecutive hours per day.


The training workshop covered several points:

1- The Complaint concept, kinds, objective, and the skills of dealing with it.

2-Training the participants’ groups on the Complaint Units’ competences and on the complaint’s sample.

3- Introducing the definitions of monitoring, documentation, and violation.

4-The goals and main principles of monitoring and documentation.

5- Documenting human rights violations.

6- The means of monitoring.

7- Training the participants’ groups on field monitoring, monitoring samples, and processing tools.

8- Distributing the evaluation sheet, the training material, and MUSAWA’s guides to monitoring and documentation. 

9- Applying worksheets and practical applications of real complaints and connecting them to the participants’ surrounding environment.

10- Forming workgroups.


At the end of the training workshop, the participants recommended that more training programs, on human rights defending and the skills of rights-based jobs, should be held more often, and to work on the integration of the legal approach in the media colleges, especially in the investigative journalism’s field.






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