MUSAWA Concludes a Moot Court Training on Sharia Court Verdicts


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MUSAWA Concludes a Moot Court Training on Sharia Court Verdicts


The Palestinian center for the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession – MUSAWA- concluded a training course on Sharia Court Verdicts, in cooperation with the Sharia Bar Association. 27 lawyers, 13 of which were women, participated in the training. 

The first session of the training course was initiated by the Legal Awareness & Training Officer at MUSAWA, Adv. Momen AlHattab, where he welcomed the audience and thanked the Sharia Bar Association’ administration for their cooperation to ensure the success of the session; stressing on the importance of MUSAWA’s moot court’s training and the mobile legal clinic programs, as they work on developing the legal mindset of training and newly licensed lawyers, on the other hand, AlHattab stressed the importance of raising the citizens’ legal and social awareness, and the importance of citizens, the marginalized groups in specific,  to realize their rights, and the available tools to secure those rights, which meets with MUSAWA’s efforts to ensure the citizens’ enjoyment of their constitutional laws, including the right to equality before the law and the judiciary without any discrimination, the right of access to justice, and the right to enjoy the safeguards of a fair trial.

The training discussed many sharia cases like alimony, discord, and resurgent conflict. The training course was initiated on September 12, 2018, and lasted for three days, where students had 12 training hours. The training material included many aspects of the Sharia courts’ cases and procedures, using the theoretical and the practical approaches. The training was ended with a moot court presentation of two alimony, discord, and resurgent conflict cases. 

The audience was very satisfied with the training, as it helped them acquire skills in the moot court’s regard, and they believed that such activities play an important role in the breaking of fear barriers that face the newly licensed lawyers, and helps in developing their capacities to prepare them for the practical and the professional experience.

The training material was lectured by the Sharia Lawyer and arbitrator, and the manager of the Sharia Bar Association in Gaza, Ahmed Budeir, and the Sharia Lawyer and arbitrator Sharif Abu Saad. The training was held at the Sharia Bar Association’s hall in Gaza. At the end of the training, MUSAWA awarded certificates to the participants and the trainees.


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