MUSAWA's Monitoring Report on the Elections of the Sharia’ Bar Council (2023-2027)



Gaza / Core Program / position paper

Esteemed President and Members of the Central Elections Committee of the Sharia’ Bar Association in Gaza, Subject: MUSAWA's Monitoring Report on the Elections of the Sharia’ Bar Council (2023-2027) MUSAWA-The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession - extends its warmest greetings and is pleased to share with you its monitoring report on the Sharia’ Bar Council (2023-2027) elections, which took place on Saturday, March 4, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. t...


MUSAWA Reminds of Its Initiative to Solve the Crisis


West Bank

West Bank / Core Program / position paper

The key to a stable education: An independent Teacher’s syndicate, and no more tampering with their livelihood and job security. Once again, the teachers have to resort to exercising their constitutional right to strike, in light of the government’s failure to keep its promise and fulfill its obligations towards them, which infringes on their livelihood and human security. Additionally, the teachers’ movement rises once again to this union scene, in which it explains, to all teachers and citizens, the reasons behind their decision to call a strike again. ...


ACINET: Promoting Integrity and Combating Corruption is Still an Urgent Demand and a Very Important Priority from People's Perspective in the Arab region


Arab World

Core Program / position paper

The “Non-Governmental Group” in the “The Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network (ACINET)” affirms that promoting integrity and combating corruption is still an urgent demand and a very important priority from the perspective of people in the Arab region. This is due to the severe threat that corruption poses to various aspects of human security, human rights in all its forms, and the political, economic, and social development in all countries in the region, rich and poor, regardless of the differences in their political systems and their national and local specificities.



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