MUSAWA's Position Paper on the Daunting Increases in Court Fees Which Undermine the Basic Law and the International Obligations of Palestine. MUSAWA Calls for a Widespread Lobbying Campaign to Force the Government to Cancel It.


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There is no legitimacy and no room for silence or acquiescence

Looking at the numbers, the amendment to the court fees contains daunting increases that violate the provisions of Article (30) of the Basic Law, which clearly states that “Litigation is a protected and guaranteed right for all people. Each Palestinian shall have the right to seek redress in the judicial system, etc....” In addition to encroaching on the principle of free litigation or for a nominal fee, as it is protected by the international covenants and agreements of which Palestine is bound by. This has turned the justice system into a tool for money collection and the starvation of citizens, as it has become a profitable business, only accessible by the rich. Thus, this requires breaking the silence and raising our voices for the immediate cancellation of this amendment.

According to the numbers, the increase percentages have reached 9900%, 8233%, 4900%, 3233%, 2400%, 1150%, 900%, 500%, 400%, 233%, 300%, 200%, 100%, and 66%

This includes all the applications, lawsuits, and petitions, which shows the government’s intention to limit or strip the litigants of their right to resort to justice. This forces people to find other ways to seek justice, which leads them to take the law into their own hands, and causes widespread mayhem, lawlessness, existential threat, and an infringement on the security and stability of the citizen and the society as a whole. Moreover, this leads to the citizens’ complete loss of trust in the system and especially the justice system, and it has severe adverse effects on the status of Palestine and its international relations and breaches the principle of access to justice.

MUSAWA stresses that the values, principles, and constitutional rights are non-negotiable, and any infringement on them is considered a violation and a crime punishable by law as per the provisions of Articles (10), (30), and (32) of the Basic Law. Therefore, MUSAWA calls on all citizens, civil society organizations, and trade unions, regardless of their name and interests, to start a widespread lobbying campaign forcing the government to immediately cancel the amended schedule of fees to protect the Palestinian citizens’ rights and dignity. 

There is no legitimacy and no room for silence or acquiescence. 

Please find attached the Schedule of Court Fees


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