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MUSAWA is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. After the updated logo, the website is another physical change contributing to MUSAWA’s efforts to position itself in becoming the main watchdog specialized in monitoring the performance of the justice system, and a credible body to which Civil Society Organizations, community actors, official justice institutions, donors and the public refer in upholding the rule of law in Palestine.


As of now, anybody with access to internet can submit complaints through our detailed violation form, contact MUSAWA’s office directly through Skype and telephone, and find the contact details of lawyers participating in the Lawyers for the Rule of Law Groups  (friends of MUSAWA).


As MUSAWA is currently working on revising its program to become stronger in Results-Based Management (RBM), while incorporating the Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) and Gender Mainstreaming at all levels, some features of MUSAWA’s website haven’t been activated yet. Later this year, MUSAWA will launch its new training course programs, tailor-made to the needs of MUSAWA’s beneficiaries; propose new Palestinian legislation as to be in line with international agreements; and identify new advocacy campaigns.   


Have you been a victim or a witness of a right violation that requires the attention of MUSAWA? Let us know!

1. Contact our offices


+970 2 2424870


+970 8 2880772

2. Contact our network

Lawyers for the rule of law group

3. File a complaint online

Online complaint form


Apply online to participate in one of our tailor made training courses in different domains.

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